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During this season of uncertainty, we must all see ourselves as connected.  We want to support each other, be for each other and yes, even pray for each other.  This site is designed for that very purpose.  Take a minute to share a request for prayer.  Others will see your request and will pray for you, when they do you will be notified someone has prayed for you.  

Please share this site with many people.  You can share via social media, by text, by email or by simply picking up the phone.

We look forward to seeing what will come of this little experiment.  

The Praying For Each Other Team

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Though so many have other needs that are more pressing because of family , medical, and financial situations that have changed I am finally bringing this to church to pray for my niece, Caitlin. She and her fiance Tyler are supposed to be married on June 13. She put off her wedding so her older sister, Lauren, could have her dream wedding before Caitlin because the Laruen insisted that she be married first as the oldest. Now Caitlin’s dream wedding is in jeopardy. Her shower was cancelled. Her other parties and celebrations have been cancelled, wedding dress fittings, and what not have all been put off. There is resentment building between the sisters because of the fact that Caitlin waited and now her wedding may have to be put off for entire year. Caitlin and her fiance live in Florida. Their wedding is here, since our family is here. My uncle, a mennonite minister is supposed to be their officiant but because of my aunt’s health and with the Virus still around, she is in vulnerable so Uncle John may not be able to perform the wedding. Their venue is completely booked from all the already cancelled dates and pushed back weddings into fall of 2021. I know that is a long story but please pray for a resolution to this issue. Pray that in someway, Caitlin and Tyler can be married on June 13 surrounded by family and friends and that Uncle John and Aunt Pam can serve serves as officiants as planned. Please pray that the resentment that is building in Caitlin toward her sister is eased and the realization that this is not Lauren’s fault or anyone’s fault come to Caitlin’s heart. May their mom and dad, my brother and sister-in-law, be able to find peace through the chaos as they are very upset and worried about all of it.. May they be able to keep the peace between their girls as they face this difficult time in their family. May God’s plan be made clear and may it settle peacefully into the soul of my niece as she comes to terms with what ever God has in store for this wedding. Again, we are all hoping for a wedding on June 13 . Thank you for your prayers for all involved.

Received: April 23, 2020

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