Praying For Each Other

During this season of uncertainty, we must all see ourselves as connected.  We want to support each other, be for each other and yes, even pray for each other.  This site is designed for that very purpose.  Take a minute to share a request for prayer.  Others will see your request and will pray for you, when they do you will be notified someone has prayed for you.  

Please share this site with many people.  You can share via social media, by text, by email or by simply picking up the phone.

We look forward to seeing what will come of this little experiment.  

The Praying For Each Other Team

I prayed for this

Prayed for 14 times.


I have a family I have befriended that moved here from Dubai a little over a year ago. Their 11 year old daughter is coughing non-stop (literally, she can barely get a breath in with all the coughing, and she also has a sore throat. The girl, Alina, felt like she was having trouble breathing, whether this was because she was anxious, or couldn’t catch a breath, I am not sure. I finally drove the girl and her mom to the ER. The doctor said her lungs sounded clear (obviously good), and that it was just a “virus” as strep test came back negative. Covid, as we all know is a virus, but they won’t test her because “her lungs are clear” and they need to save the tests for the adults. Pray the family gets more answers and if anyone is reading this tonight, that the doctor shows some compassion and at least gives the girl something that will calm the cough down.

Received: April 20, 2020

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